Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CC creates art at Paramount Pictures

CC took her first step to becoming a movie maven on Sunday by setting foot on the Paramount Pictures lot -- this time for the 24th annual Children's Festival of the Arts.

The festival, sponsored by the Hollywood Arts Council, was a playground of arts and crafts that included face painting, puppet making as well as drawing, painting and bookmark crafting. And don't forget the performers. CC rekindled her love of Japanese taiko drums. (She got her first taste at the Getty earlier this year.) She also saw Mally Lewis (daughter of Shari) and her puppet Lamb Chop perform on stage.

The event was crowded with kiddos, but CC found an empty chair at the bookmark table, where she fashioned a monkey-heavy red bookmark as well as a green tropical-themed one, all while mastering the art of the glue stick and foam stickers.

Next, we hit the painting table, where she experimented with even more color. Once she was outfitted with orange construction paper, CC didn't hesitate to dip her paintbrushes into blues, oranges, whites, pinks and yellows.

There was even glitter, which is yet another form of baby crack. She painted and poured and painted some more, even sharing with the kids next to her -- a huge feat at this age.

She also got to meet old friends Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. (I was happy to see that Daffy was more pint-sized than the usual towering characters. CC doesn't seem to be scared by them, but I know some kids who have expected a munchkin and have gotten Paul Bunyon instead. Hello, tears.)

On our way out, we caught a glimpse of Mally Lewis and Lamb Chop singing tunes from "Hairspray" on stage. When Mally's throat went dry, she asked for water and quipped to the audience: "The thing is, when I choke, I choke for two."

Our final stop was another visit to the taiko drums. Luckily for CC, they were now on display instead of on stage being used by those pesky performers. This time, she could take a whack at them herself.

And she still remembers it.

Every day since Sunday, CC's been saying over and over, "I drumming, Mommy! I drumming!"


Pokie said...

Great! So you won't mind when Aunty Barbara gives CC drums for Christmas?!?!?!?

L.A. Story said...

Ha! Just you try it! :)


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