Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What happens in Vegas ... will be tweeted in Vegas

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The fam and I are blazing a trail for Las Vegas today for some much-needed vacay.

So while I won't be blogging over the next few days, I will be tweeting the fun stuff. You can check out my Twitter page here, or just check in on the red bubble above for the latest Sin City tweets.

This worked really well when I tweeted the Oscars, so I wanted to bring back the bubble.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some fun road-trip tips from the kid-friendly people over at Since the drive from here to Vegas is about 5 hours, it's always nice to have an entertainment plan handy for the 2-year-old.

Here's what they recommend:
  • Have a sing-along! (Would love to know what songs other families rock out to!)
  • Take turns playing games with your child: Find something inside or outside the car, and have your children guess what you see by giving hints.
  • Invite your child to be an "alphabet detective" by finding all the letters around her. Players might find an "A" in a road sign and a "B" on a license plate and more.
  • Use car time to talk to your child about everyday activities and events, whether it's how leaves change color in the fall or what makes a great friend.
Would love to hear your road-trip tips, too! I'm always up for new ways to entertain the toddler.

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Pokie said...

Uh, my cousin calls it a DVD player. Great family fun!


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