Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Ice Age" sculpture breaks world record

"Ice Age" made quite the impression in Santa Monica yesterday, as a four-story ice sculpture of our prehistoric squirrel friend Scrat stood a towering 48 feet, 8 inches tall to claim the Guinness Book of World Records title of world's tallest ice sculpture.

Ice skaters and fans of the "Ice Age" franchise came out in full force to ICE at Santa Monica to see the official unveiling, along with performances by local ice skaters, world figure skating champion Randy Gardner and Scrat himself.

Dusty, blustery winds made for an especially winter-like outing, but there were plenty of refreshments on hand, including mini cheeseburgers, wraps and shrimp cocktail -- all billed as healthy -- from California Fresh & Fit.

While I was taking in the bustling atmosphere, I noticed there was also a small Tot Spot area at the ice rink, which caters only to skaters 48 inches and under.

Guess where we'll be taking CC soon!

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