Thursday, October 15, 2009 adds this mama to the mix

Parenting water-cooler site has asked me to be a discussion leader for its Los Angeles outlet, and of course I'm happy to add my two cents when it comes to kiddos.

Besides, I could use the mom-friendly help and advice myself.

Take a look when you get a chance. There are so many great topics that moms around town are buzzing about. For example: "Fess Up! How gross is your mom-mobile?"; "Should your child's teacher tweet?"; and "Toddlers and pets? Frenemies?"

OK, that last one's my discussion topic. (I had to work in CC trying to ride the cat somehow!)

In any case, feel free to weigh in. Let's hear what's on your mind. Besides, I'm dying to know how many Cheerios are lining the floor mats of your mom-mobile!

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