Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PBS Kids Go! launches Web-only 'Fizzy's Lunch Lab'

Just in time for Thanksgiving, when we all have to unbuckle the belt a few notches, PBSKIDSGO.org is launching a Web-only series "Fizzy's Lunch Lab."

The series, which debuts Nov. 16 at PBSKIDSGO.org/lunchlab, stars Professor Fizzy and his friends as they prepare healthy snacks, investigate the difference between good and bad food and learn what happens once the food you eat goes into your body.

“Childhood obesity is a growing problem and we realized that in order to start reversing the effects of our fast-food culture, we’d have to employ some of the same tactics that fast-food giants have historically used to attract children,” said "Fizzy's Lunch Lab" co-creator Evan Sussman in a statement.

Enter animation and the Web.

"Fizzy's" will feature video segments, interactive games as well as printable recipes for kids and parents. The program will air a new episode every week for 10 months, with monthly food and nutrition themes.

Sounds like a nice -- and healthy -- treat.

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