Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Extra at the Disney Store

Third graders celebrate Earth Day at the Disney Store in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall.

Sometimes there are events that I would love to take CC to, but for scheduling reasons we just can't make. That happened today, when we were invited to join third-grade students from Holly Avenue Elementary School in Arcadia at the Westfield Santa Anita Disney Store to celebrate Earth Day.

These forward-thinking students donated more than 1,000 cans and bottles to recycle as well as presented a donation to the Nature Conservancy. For their efforts, they each received a Friends for Change and Disneynature "Oceans" branded hat, which itself is made from six recycled plastic bottles. The Disney Store also offers more eco-friendly merchandise such as totes made from recycled bottles and a Toy Story Space Alien Tree Planting Kit.

I'm always happy to applaud the little ones who are thinking big -- and setting a great example for my own half-pint.


Unknown said...

There were many great stories in Disney stores across the country yesterday, but this was one of the highlights.
THANK YOU for this post!


L.A. Story said...

I'm sure there were lots! Wish we could have visited. It's great to see kids in action. :)


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