Thursday, July 21, 2011

CC Books Time With Scribble Press

Thanks to Scribble Press, the make-your-own-book store in Santa Monica, CC has now created her first hardcover tome. Its title? Drum roll please ... "The Pig Cat."

The adorably creative shop on Montana Boulevard offers lots of fun options for little artists and authors. While CC used a combination of markers, stamps and pencils to pen her 6-page masterpiece, kids can also choose to make calendars, bookmarks, place mats, among other options.

When we visited, on a laid-back weekday afternoon, Scribble Press was ours for exploring. (We had been invited by co-founder and CEO Anna Barber.) The shop itself is cozy yet spacious, and the work studio is a place where kids -- and parents -- can get their creative juices flowing.

Not only is there an awesome wall of markers -- design-friendly moms will go crazy for this! -- but there are also lots of fun stencils, stamps, paper products and caddies to tweak tykes' imaginations.

The shop part of Scribble Press had tons of fun artistically geared items for little ones -- from paper dolls to books to paints and marker sets. We bought at least 5 mini erasers shaped like pandas, hamsters and koala bears, as well as a cute and colorful animal stencil set.

The best part, though, was taking home a book made by CC (price range: $25-$29), complete with her photo on the back. Now, that's something we'll keep forever.

Scribble Press
1109 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Most make-your-own items range from $15-$30, but click here for pricing details.

(Disclosure: We received a complimentary hardcover book made by CC.)

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