Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check out mom.me!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy, but I wanted to officially show you where I've been spending the bulk of my time -- as an editor at new moms' lifestyle site mom.me.

The site, which I mentioned pre-launch last month, is lovely and the closest thing to a magazine format that I've seen in the online mom-content department.

What's especially cool about mom.me (pronounced "mom-dot-me") is that it covers all the life stages, from pregnancy to empty nest. I know a lot of moms have felt a little forgotten by parenting sites/mags after their kids have hit a certain age. Not here. There are stories about kids moving into tweendom, as well as spending Mother's Day without your grown children.

mom.me also focuses a lot on Mom herself. It's not always about the kids. Did you know these celeb moms are also Ivy League grads?

I wanted to show you what I've been up to -- and why posting hasn't been as regular as it used to be -- so please feel free to check out the site. I'm having lots of fun there, and I think you'll find something interesting, too.

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