Monday, October 22, 2012

Big Sister's Coming Around

CC helps out with the baby.
It turns out that the idea of being a big sister is a lot easier than having the role thrust upon you in real life.

CC has been so excited to have a little brother, but his actual arrival has been a little bumpier than expected -- at least when it comes to sibling love at first sight.

Of course she loves him -- and has said so -- but she's been understandably skeptical about how everything is supposed to work.

Ian and I expected that. And it's OK. She wants to feel loved, secure and that she hasn't been displaced by this tiny little guy. I get it, too. She was our one and only for almost six years.

But over the weekend, she started making her way closer to her brother -- watching me change his diapers, dancing in front of him while one of us held him, and looking him over as he lay in his bassinet.

Now she's gone a big step further. While he was lying down in his Nap Nanny, crying as newborns can, CC grabbed his paci to comfort him. She squatted down to his eye level, handed him the pacifier and talked to him, singing and cooing as his eyes focused on her face, mere inches from his own.

It was amazing to see.


Alexandra said...

Aw - the sweetest! Congratulations, Mommy xoxo

Lo said...

What a sweet post. What a great big sister! Congrats again!!!

L.A. Story said...

Thank you so much! He's so great! And congrats to you, too, Lo! :)

Angie said...

That is so sweet! Noah and I loved seeing this post. Congrats to you guys! xoo


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