Monday, November 5, 2012

Mattel's Toy Story Color Splash Boat & Buddies *Giveaway*

CC, before she rips open the Mattel Toy Story boxes.
UPDATE: Congrats to Barbara, who won the Mattel Toy Story Color Splash goodies!

Bath time -- or pool time, for that matter, here in sunny SoCal -- is way more fun when you have toys to create splashy stories with. In fact, CC loves to put on a show anytime she needs to put soap to water.

That's why it was extra fun for her to receive Mattel's Toy Story Color Splash Boat (SRP: $19.99) and two Toy Story Color Splash Buddies Two-Packs (SRP: $8.99 each), as part of Mattel's Disney Insider Program, to help create imaginative aquatic adventures come bath time. She was able to try out these fun, color-changing toys and introduce a mini Buzz Lightyear, Partysaurus Rex and a particularly grumpy-looking octopus to her brand of bath-time fun.

Kids can definitely get creative with these toys, as CC did, inventing rescue stories and dividing the figures up into separate teams.

While the figures change color depending on the temperature of the water, the boat itself features flashing LED lights (what kind of party doesn't have flashing lights?), a rescue dinghy that doubles as a water scoop, a trap door and a squirting rubber ducky -- not to mention a squiddy dreadlocked Partysaurus Rex himself. (Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming toon, coming this fall.)

*** GIVEAWAY ***

I'm giving away 1 Mattel Toy Story Color Splash Boat and 2 Color Splash Buddies packs, courtesy of Mattel.

To enter, please leave a comment describing your child's favorite bath-time adventure.

For more chances to win, follow me on Twitter and retweet this giveaway. I'm at @la_story. Or you can "Like" the L.A. Story Facebook page and share the giveaway.

Just be sure to leave extra comments telling me you did so.

Good luck, and I will announce the winner on Friday, Nov. 9!


Barbara said...

Well as you know, I do not have kids. However my cousin has recently become a mom to a fifth child and he would LOVE the toys. I am sure she would love the distraction!

Barbara said...

AND... I liked you on facebook a long time ago! :)

Anonymous said...
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Betty said...
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L.A. Story said...

Thanks, Betty!


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