Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's (Fake) Snowing!

CC enjoys some (faux) snow courtesy of PBS Kids Snow Explosions

Living in Southern California, CC doesn't often get the chance to see snow. Yes, there are the mountains, but we haven't yet made the hike up there yet.

Luckily, thanks to some toy samples from PBS Kids, CC got the chance to make her own.

PBS Kids has teamed with deal website Tuesday Morning to offer science-friendly toys for kids at reasonable prices.

CC created her own White Christmas with PBS Kids Snow Explosions ($9.99 at Tuesday Morning). It's amazing that she only had to add a bit of water to grow this beautiful faux snow. I'm totally amazed that adding a liquid to something turns it instantly into this crazy dry substance. (How does that work?!) What's awesome is that the pack offers kids the chance to make several science experiments, including fake ice and mini volcanos of snowy goodness.

Way to go, PBS Kids, for finding another way to make science fun!


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