Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Attractions: Curious George and Daniel Tiger Celebrate Earth Day

'Curious George Swings into Spring' on PBS Kids
Earth Day arrives tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate than getting outdoors and enjoying some spring sunshine!

To get kiddos in the spring spirit, PBS Kids will be airing a special Curious George movie, Curious George Swings into Spring, on Monday, April 22 (check local listings). Not only that, but the network will also be showing a special eco-friendly-themed Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which will show kids how to clean up and recycle.

CC and I caught a screener of Curious George, and CC enjoyed checking out the story of the little monkey who loves (well, everything, but especially) being outside and taking a trip to the country. When the apartment building is flooded and the doorman is busy trying to win the Spring Building Prize, the Man in the Yellow Hat offers to bring Hundley, the little dachshund, along for the ride.

Despite George's best efforts (pigs, anyone? a trip in a canoe?), Hundley seems to be a city dog at heart, preferring the concrete jungle to the leafy one. But when Hundley gets lost and George accidentally gets caught in a hot air balloon, the two animal friends might enjoy the great outdoors together after all.

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'
Taking on another important Earth Day theme, little Daniel Tiger is all about cleaning up his neighborhood. On the special episode, also airing tomorrow, April 22 (check local listings), a wind storm blows through town, sending trash flying all over the playground. King Friday declares the day "Clean Up Day," and everyone pitches in to throw away trash and recycle those reusable items.

That's such a great lesson for kids, to know that some things are completely reusable. Also, cleaning up can be a helpful (and fun) team effort when everyone gets involved.

Wondering how you and the kiddos can celebrate Earth Day? PBS Kids has some tips:

* Proclaim Your Own "Clean Up Day" Tidy up your yard, and clean out the winter clutter. While you’re at it, find out what kind of trees, plants and wildlife are “at home” in your backyard and neighborhood, too!

* Plant a garden!  Pick out the kinds of vegetables you’d like to grow or design a flower bed together – kids love to get their hands dirty!  If you live in an apartment, you can create a beautiful flower or herb garden right on your terrace or windowsill.

* Help beautify a park or playground!  Get a group of parents and preschoolers
together and visit a local park to help make sure that it’s trash free and ready for playtime!

* Recycle together!  Invite your children to get in on the act of recycling!  Have them assist you in tying up those newspapers and magazines, collecting the cans and bottles, crunching the cardboard boxes – and making sure that everything goes in its proper bin.

Whatever you do, enjoy!

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