Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Finds: FireFly Ready Go Brush

A co-worker of mine received this amazing package in the mail, which had an item I was eager for CC to try -- the FireFly Ready Go Brush.

The toothbrush, which is approved by the American Dental Association, lights up to let kids know when they can stop brushing. The one-minute light show starts off green, then moves to yellow, and finally hits red, letting kids know when tooth-brushing is over.

CC loves it. She's totally in control and enjoys knowing that she can stop brushing soon (thank you, yellow light!)

I also like that the toothbrush has a suction base, so it stays upright (and clean). While CC has the Angry Birds design, there is also Barbie and Spider-Man.

What's even better? CC gets excited to brush. And isn't that what we really want, anyway?

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