Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 Months Old!

Baby Will
OK, so I'm a little bit late posting this month's update on how Baby Will is growing -- and growing he is! It's funny to look back at what he looked like at 1 month old and see the difference. I mean, he's almost completely covering the bunny pillow in this (admittedly shadowy) pic. Crazy!

But I have some exciting news -- and it's not Baby #3! :)

Will started crawling today! He's been pivoting around a lot on the bed and on the floor, but today he was like a little inchworm and scooted his way over to a bag half-way across the living room. Lucky for us, we got it on video!

Everything is going by so quickly, and Ian and I are already getting a little nostalgic. Our baby is already on the move. And it's only just starting!

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