Friday, May 17, 2013

Extreme Bedroom Makeover: Disney Paint Edition *Sponsored*

Ta-da! CC's bedroom makeover, courtesy of Disney Paint
CC got a dose of Disney magic, as her formerly white-on-white bedroom transformed into a glittery, periwinkle playroom. Thanks to a festive shade of Disney Paint and a subtle-yet-charming top coat, CC's once-monochrome walls now have a splash of glittery fun.

While the room itself is lovely, and the shade is just right—not too light, not too dark—what amazed me the most about this project was how relatively easy it was to finish. And the painting itself didn't take up a lot of time. (You can see the "before" pic here.)

I found out that as long as you organize everything beforehand—the brushes and rollers; placing the tape on the wall's edges; setting the drop cloth; and basically just having a strategy—painting can actually be fun. Who knew?!

The topcoat was even easier, as I just used the roller to spread the glittery white liquid over the already-painted walls. (The white eventually disappeared, by the way.) In fact, I decided to glitter up CC's pink bathroom walls while I was at it.

You can see the glitter here (left), which really looks great when the light hits it just right.

So to celebrate CC's "new" room, I invited over some CC's friends from school and the neighborhood. It was really fun, asking all of the girls to don their favorite princess attire. We had princess goodies on hand, including tiaras and wands, as well as treats for the kiddos and grown-ups alike.

CC and her princess friends
The girls made crafts, chased each other around with their wands and—wait for it—sat in a circle talking on CC's bed. For some reason, that made me choke up a little bit—not in front of them, of course. But it was as if some sort of fast-forward button had been pressed, and suddenly CC was in high school and giggling with her friends about secret crushes and crazy teachers. (I digress.)

But the girls loved the paint, and especially the glitter. The moms, too, asked me about the glitter topcoat, wondering if it was a pain to add. (Thankfully, no!)

So, would I dive headlong into a painting project again? I would. Everything was much easier than I'd thought. And would I choose Disney Paint? Definitely. In fact, next time, I might even go for the chalkboard paint, aka Great Slate!

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