Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'WordGirl vs. The Energy Monster' Coming to DVD

That precocious, vocab-loving superhero WordGirl will be saving the day once again in a new DVD, WordGirl vs. The Energy Monster, hitting store shelves on May 14.

CC and I got an advance screener from PBS Kids, and we had a lot of fun watching as young Becky Botsford (*cough* WordGirl *cough*) donned her superhero disguise, alongside her sidekick Captain Huggy Face, to take on a few bad guys -- and one talkative girl, aka The Energy Monster.

There are three adventures (the first of which is broken into two parts) on the DVD (SRP: $9.99) that showcase WordGirl's love of, well, words, as well as her ability to crush her cartoonish enemies who are usually up to no good.

As usual, CC loves when a girl character is the one taking center stage, especially a smart and spunky one like WordGirl. The comic-book cartoonishness of the series is a fun throwback to shows like Batman or Spider-Man.

The villains are unforgettable, too. CC kept pointing out Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, and calling him Mr. Sandwich Head. ...Awesome.

There's also Dr. Two Brains, who in Dinner or Consequences, Parts 1 and 2, is stealing the city's milk to turn the city into lots of cheese. He gets some help from the super-chatty Energy Monster to fulfill his dastardly deed. Of course, Becky, aka WordGirl, has to take out the villain without revealing herself to her unsuspecting family, who's upset that she keeps leaving and missing Dad's special dinner.

In Best Fan Club Meeting Ever, Becky's brother TJ holds a special meeting only for International WordGirl fan members. When a frenemy crashes the party, it looks as if WordGirl will need to save the day.

There is one more episode and plus bonus features, including video games, shorts and coloring pages. It's a cute DVD that celebrates words and girl power -- a big plus when you have a daughter who gets tired of all those boy heroes.

And who can argue with that?


Crystal Foth said...

Very fitting to see this post tonight. When I got home from work tonight, Maisie (my 5 yr old) told me.."let me tell you how Word Girl and She-Ra are similar. They both are normal girls then they turn into someone else with super powers!". She loves the girl heroes!

L.A. Story said...

That's really cute. I think girl heroes are so important. Our girls notice! :)


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