Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday Parties in L.A.: Pony Rides and Yoga

A pony ride in Agoura Hills
Birthday parties seem to come in waves, and this weekend was jam-packed with fun festivities for kids. Saturday morning, we headed out first to Agoura Hills for CC's friend's pony party.

Instead of the usual 405-to-the-101 route, I opted instead for Malibu Canyon Road, which winds its way around gorgeous mountains starting from Pepperdine through the canyon to Calabasas. It's a beautiful drive, and I'd recommend it for a lazy weekend jaunt.

At the Shad Ranch in Agoura Hills, CC got up close and personal with a few horses, even snagging a pony ride -- which she loved.

For some reason, as we were driving up to the ranch, she convinced herself that she wouldn't be able to ride a horse. (No idea why.) All of a sudden, I heard a disappointed voice from the back seat say, "Am I going to have to ride a goat?"

I can't explain that one, but I laughed so hard.

Zooga Yoga
After the pony ride, we headed down to Culver City for a yoga birthday party for one of CC's school friends. I literally drive by Zooga Yoga all the time, and I was looking forward to a peek inside.

The party was adorable. The first hour was a class, complete with yoga mats for each of the girls. They moved seemlessly into different animal poses, as an instructor took them on an imaginative and musical journey through jungles and pirate territory. The kids were really into it.

We might have to check out a class or two again. They even have Mommy and Me yoga. Bet Baby Will would love that.

At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. (Yes, I took a nap. Don't judge. :) But I think I'm going to have to get my little girl on another pony sometime soon.

She just looked so happy.

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