Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Connects Angelenos with Alternative to Dental Insurance *Sponsored*

As parents, we know how important it is to make sure our kids' teeth are clean and healthy. After all, we want the tooth fairy to come only for special occasions.

We also want our kids to perform well in school, but poor dental health can affect kids' school performance, according to studies and data from the American Dental Association and the University of Southern California Ostrow School of Dentistry. In fact, children miss an average of 2 days of school due to dental problems.

That said, a surprising number of Los Angeles residents are opting out of dental plans altogether—a whopping 47%. The top two reasons for that are cost and fear of cost, according to Empirica Research and, a free (yes, free!) alternative to dental insurance. has partnered with more than 500 dentists in L.A. County and pre-negotiated the prices of more than 400 procedures. That means that when residents book their dental services through the website, they can save an average of 50% on any procedure—and up to 70% on cleanings. The company also covers procedures such as braces and whitening, which aren't always included on dental insurance plans.

So how does the service work?

Simply sign up for free on and gain access to a directory of dentists all over the county. Members can search by Zip code and check out price comparisons, as well as the dentists' Yelp reviews and credentials. You can even browse photos and videos.

An especially convenient part? You can schedule your appointment right on the site. That's a big plus for busy parents who don't want to stay on hold for a long time or juggle the phone and a calendar.

And because the dentists in's network pay a fee for handling their scheduling and member communications, L.A. County residents who sign up don't have to pay a fee themselves.

So parents, don't be afraid of costs any longer. Your children—and their beautiful teeth—need you!

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