Monday, October 14, 2013

Owen Wilson Knows My Son's Name

CC, Will and I at the "Free Birds" premiere in Westwood
Let's face it. When you willingly take a 1-year-old child to a movie, you're always taking a risk. Will there be wiggles? Almost certainly. Shrieks? Chances are good. Inadvertent bonding with a movie star? Well, that doesn't happen every day.

Yesterday, we went to the premiere of new animated movie Free Birds in Westwood. The movie, from Relativity Media, stars (the voices of) Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler, and opens in theaters Nov. 1.

It's the story of two turkeys (Wilson and Harrelson) who go back in time (yes!) to help save all future turkeys from their unfortunate Thanksgiving fates.

"Free Birds" (Photo courtesy of Relativity Media)
The fam and I went to check it out, along with the film's stars -- and some of their children, including Wilson and his young son.

Well, a few minutes into the movie, Baby Will started getting antsy. That's when Ian took him into the lobby to walk around a bit.

He lasted a few more minutes when Ian brought him back. But eventually it was my turn.

I took him out into the lobby, and there were several parents whose children had given them the same message that Will had given Ian and me. (That is, "I want to run around, like, now!") And one of those parents was none other than Owen Wilson.

We passed by each other, and I said, "It looks like Baby Town out here."

He smiled while holding his son, who looked to be about 2, and said, "That's ... William, isn't it?"

Uh ... what?

Stunned, I answered, "Yes. How did you know?"

He smiled and started to say, "He was just here ..."

"Oh, right!" I interrupted. "He was out here with my husband earlier!"

Apparently, Ian, Owen and our two boys had bonded -- as parents with wiggly kids often do. Wilson's son even shared some popcorn with Will.

This time, at least, I'd say the risk paid off.

Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson (Photo courtesy of Relativity Media)

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Crystal said...

I love Owen Wilson! The movie looks to be fun, I thought the previews were cute! Now Baby Will can say he's got an in in Hollywood ;o).


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