Monday, October 21, 2013

Soleil Moon Frye Wants to Get This Party Started!

Do I look a little too excited to meet Soleil Moon Frye, aka Punky Brewster?
The party definitely got started at The Grove on Sunday, as Soleil Moon Frye signed her new book, Let's Get This Party Started!, at Barnes & Noble and followed that with a fun craft event celebrating her moonfrye app on the nearby lawn outside Nordstrom.

The kiddos got in on the action, with CC decorating a mask, a treasure chest and getting a spray-on tattoo of a very colorful fairy.

Will was Mr. Independent, trying to ditch me at every turn.

What's happening? Doesn't he want to make sure I'm right there when he turns around? Apparently, the answer is a big "no."

CC and Will
He even made a beeline for the mini pumpkin box, snagging his own little Halloween accessory.

We had a great time, and I have to admit that it was pretty fun to meet a childhood fave (Punky Brewster) in person. Oh, L.A., that's so you!


Crystal said...

So bummed I had to work this Sunday. Looked like a great event - would have loved to have taken Maisie! Thanks for the introduction to Moonfrye - looks so awesome - I had to subscribe right away ;D

L.A. Story said...

CC loves the app! We'll have to catch up another time. :)


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