Monday, July 7, 2014

CC as George Washington, aka #GirlPower

Miss Independent, aka CC, draws herself as George Washington.
The drawing was perfect for this July 4th weekend. So perfect that I had to capture it for posterity.

While Ian and I were watching the HBO miniseries "John Adams," CC happened to be in the same room, writing thank-you notes. (Her thank-you notes, just so you know, are often very elaborate drawings.)

While Paul Giamatti as John Adams was challenging his fellow pre-Revolutionary Bostonians to uphold the law despite really hating the British (he defends a group of Redcoats, gasp!), CC was asking lots of questions.

Which president was John Adams? Second. When did this take place? 1770. Why are they wearing wigs? Uhhhh, an unfortunate fashion choice.

Anyway, after she had finished drawing, she presented her picture of herself as George Washington, leading the way to a more amazing future. Baby Will was apparently the lookout, and I was hanging out in the back, cheering her on.

She had learned about Washington in school, and I was so proud that she was applying his success to her own life and aspirations. She was going to rewrite history and rock out doing so.

Doesn't matter that he was a man -- or that so many men have figured so prominently in our history. She was going -- is going -- to do it, too.

Because -- why not?


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