Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Ride a Bike in 5 Minutes

CC learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!
I wasn't planning to write this post, but I wasn't quite expecting today's amazing event to happen at all. Basically, CC learned to ride a bike without training wheels in about 5 minutes, and the technique that helped her learn was so simple.

Let's back up a bit. I remember the '80s, when I was little and my dad taught me to ride a two-wheeler after months and months on training wheels. I got up the courage (well, both of us did, actually) to try out the big bike, and my dad pushed the back of my seat as I wobbled down our neighborhood street. This went on for what seemed like forever.

Inevitably, there would be a crash or five. Eventually, though, I learned.

Turns out, we didn't know this amazing trick. (And, truth be told, that's probably why it's taken so long for us to teach CC -- just the dread of it all.)

But last night, CC was playing at our neighbor's, and her friend's mom told me that all kids have to do is get onto a two-wheeler sans training wheels and use their feet to "Scoot, scoot, scoot, glide." Once they do that three or four times, they somehow learn how to balance, and that's when they can start using the pedals.

Honestly, I didn't believe her at first — until I saw CC do it.

She literally tried the technique a few times — with a couple of little crashes — and then she got it. In under 5 minutes at that!

I was amazed, and now I want to run out and buy her a gorgeous two-wheeled bike. I'm not sure if it's just that simple technique or if her time on her Razor scooter helped boost her balance, but it was so cool to see.

And now she feels that mysterious empowerment that comes from mastering the bicycle. What a perfect summer treat!

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