Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PBS Kids Playdate Celebrates Summer's Last Hurrah

PBS Kids activities offer kiddos lots of fun
As summer was winding down and school was still just one early wakeup call away from reality, CC helped organize a fun playdate, courtesy of PBS Kids, that offered up lots of fun activities for little ones.

With activity books that included fun word-finding puzzles and coloring pages, in addition to balloons and colorful straws (the better to make straw puppets with!), and connect-the-dots and travel-themed booklets, there was a lot for CC, Will and her friends to choose from.

After loads of drawing, coloring and balloon popping -- let's be honest, kids love that! -- CC and friends watched a "WordGirl" DVD and then played "Pin the Tail on Cat" of "Peg + Cat" fame. :)

She had a great time, and it was such a fun (and educational way) to get ready for 2nd grade!

CC creates "Pin the Tail on Cat," from "Peg + Cat."

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