Friday, February 27, 2015

'Enchanted Sisters' Arrives on Bookshelves

A new "Girl Power" series has hit bookshelves, and CC is its newest fan!

"Enchanted Sisters," written by Elise Allen and Halle Stanford and illustrated by Paige Pooler, is a spunky, spirited and sparkly series from The Jim Henson Company that focuses on four sisters, who each represent a season -- and a different personality to boot.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are "nature's royalty," and each of them is responsible for the magical changing of the seasons. While they're all definitely close, the girls also have to navigate sisterhood -- and some wily boys called the Weeds.

"Enchanted Sisters" on bookshelves at Vroman's Bookstore
Will and I had the chance to catch a reading event at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. Both Elise and Halle were on hand to chat about the series, as well as Paige Pooler. Elise even read a selection from "Winter's Flurry Adventure" (SRP: $5.99 paperback).

Elise Allen reads from "Winter's Flurry Adventure."
While CC was bummed to have missed the event (she was running errands with Ian), we did receive a copy of "Spring's Sparkle Sleepover," which she's been reading each night before bed -- and loves, by the way.

In "Sleepover," Winter hosts a slumber party for all of her sisters, and the young Spring is finally old enough to go, but she's nervous. (This is a perfect topic for CC right now, as she's had some sleepover angst herself.) And things don't turn out so well when a storm scares Spring and makes her leave early. But when Bluster Tempest steals Mother Nature's scepter, it's Spring who must find the courage to lead her sisters on a quest to get it back.

While the story itself is entertaining and accessible to young readers, CC also loves the whimsical illustrations -- particularly the drawings of unicorns!

Will checks out the scenery at Vroman's.
I had the chance to chat with both Elise and Halle, who is also the executive vice president of children's entertainment at The Jim Henson Company.

Stay tuned for more next week! They talked to L.A. Story about how the concept of "Girl Power" was so important, as well as how they tackled common issues for girls in the books. They also reveal more about the writing process itself.

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