Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where Have We Been?!

Will and CC in Montecito
I knew February was going to be a crazy month! After all, it was the month I turned -- what I'm calling -- 4.0.

And I decided to make that milestone year count -- in a big way.

But you might have been wondering where the heck L.A. Story has been. Well, we've been here, and a few other places along the way. It's been so hectic -- and we've all been under the weather at some point this month, too -- but I apologize for not checking in. Especially because there's so much going on.

Besides my birthday, we took two fun trips. First, the whole family traveled about 2 1/2 hours' north of Los Angeles to Solvang, a cute Danish town that's a real must-see. (The picture above is when we stopped to eat dinner in Montecito. That's a gorgeous town as well.)

Then, CC and I spent a week in Germany! Yes, the one that's a 12+ hour plane ride away. We were in Hamburg this time, not Berlin, and I'll be sure to update you about our trip very soon.

So stay tuned for more posts! We're back, and have lots of stories to share.

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