Monday, May 11, 2015

CC, Will Cheer This Year's REDCAT International Children's Film Festival

"BZz" from Denmark played at the REDCAT International Children's Film Festival
Acceptance and love were the big themes in the "Party Animals" section at this year's REDCAT International Children's Film Festival.

CC, Will and I headed downtown to CalArts REDCAT last weekend to check out its latest film festival, and it was just as adorable and (small) kid-friendly as always. Even 2-year-olds like mine, who were eager to get a closer look at the screen, were welcome in the festival theater.

While the annual festival offers up several sections for kids of different ages, our first visit was to see "Party Animals," for kids ages 2+. The short films were colorful and easy to follow, and while they come from countries all over the world, including Denmark, Germany and Sweden, kids don't have to know the film's language to understand. ("Party Animals" will also screen on May 16 at 12 p.m.)

Parents are also encouraged to read any subtitles or answer any questions. (And you won't get shushed for doing so, which is great!)

CC and Will at REDCAT.
Some of the section favorites included "BZz," about two flies who fall in love as they outwit a spider. "Lambs" was also a clever entry, as two sheep are surprised to learn that their little one says "moo" instead of "baa." In "Zebra," the title animal is shocked when its stripes turn into different shapes.

What stood out the most was how much each of these films applauded animals that were unconventional -- the mooing sheep and the zebra with surprising patterns, for example. It was a gentle message for kids to accept those who are different and to see how they can shine in a way that, perhaps, hadn't been considered.

The festival runs for one more weekend. We're looking forward to visiting again before it wraps up its 2015 run.

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival
May 2-17 (Weekends)
631 W. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tickets: $5

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