Monday, January 4, 2016

Ringing in the New Year at Noon!

CC and Will make some noise at Discovery Cube Los Angeles!
Who knew a New Year's party could be jam-packed at noon?!

That's what happened last Thursday, Dec. 31 — aka, New Year's Eve, or Noon Year's Eve — at Discovery Cube Los Angeles.

Noon Year's Eve selfie!
CC, Will and I walked into the children's museum to find families packed in tight to join in the hands-on festivities and watch balloons drop at 12 p.m. instead of the not-so-kid-friendly 12 a.m.

Moms, dads and kids dressed as various superheroes were greeted with complimentary New Year's party hats and noise makers and were invited to take a fun photo at the green screen photo booth.

A DJ helps everyone rock out during the Noon Year's Eve party.
While a cool DJ spun some pop tunes, including CC's latest favorite song ("Drag Me Down" by One Direction), families explored everything from the Curious George exhibit to the Santa Ana wind machine and the Science of Hockey.

Not only that, but there were also special New Year's-themed exhibits on display.

There was a sensory experiment, in which kids held their noses while eating a jelly bean and then tried to guess the flavor. (Pretty hard when you clamp your nose!)

By far, CC and Will's favorite activity was the Alka-Seltzer rocket table. And the experiment was super-easy and something you can even do at home.

CC and Will make rockets out of Alka-Seltzer tablets and water.
The kids each received a plastic film container (not sure where you can get those in these digital days), but a little plastic tube with a cap would work. The activity director then poured a little water into the container, gave each child half of an Alka-Seltzer tablet and then asked them to place the cap on the tube and turn it upside down.

In a matter of seconds, each tube popped into the air, sometimes about 7 or so feet high. You can guess why the kiddos kept going back to that table!

And, of course, they loved the biggest highlight of all — the balloon drop and ginger ale toast at noon!

Check out my Instagram video below of the fun!
11800 Foothill Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 91342
Tickets: $17.95 (adults); $12.95 (kids). Children ages 2 and under are free.

(Disclosure: I am being compensated for my position as a #DiscoveryCubeMoms LA Ambassador. All opinions, however, are my own.)

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