Saturday, September 20, 2008

A League of Her Own

Who knew a friendly game of softball could be so exhausting? Of course there's running and catching and even a bit of sliding, but how about we leave all of that to the players on the field? No, I'm talking about just watching. And with my Energizer Bunny of a daughter, just being a spectator includes all of the above.

Ian, C and I headed over to Syd Kronenthal Park in Culver City today to catch the Variety vs. The Hollywood Reporter rivalry on display at the baseball diamond. It was intense, heated -- well, it was a warm day -- and in the end left me begging to have Gatorade dumped over my head. (Do they do that in baseball?)

C had a great time. She couldn't sit still. She ran around the bleachers, tried to make her great escape beyond the fenced-in park confines (her own version of swinging for the fences, I guess). She even attempted to get into the game herself, racing toward the outfield with the energy and determination I'm sure Joe Torre would appreciate.

But, in the end, there was much baby-wrangling and an eerie sense that my child is physically invincible.

Besides my friends/co-workers on the field, including Dave (pictured at top with Ian and C; baby-wrangling, exhibit A), Bill, Justin and Byron, we met up with some other friends from work off the field -- Brian, Krystal and her son, D (pictured above with C and me). Baby-wrangling, exhibit B.

C and D had a great time. They even made hugging an extreme sport by getting so excited that one or both of them would topple over -- onto the dirty concrete, of course. These are the times when I wish C wore a helmet. All the time. And bubble wrap, for that matter. Even with adult supervision, there was noggin-thumping and wipeouts. It's always cute until there are tears, but luckily, there wasn't much of that.

After the game ended, sadly not to our advantage, we headed to our next stop, a birthday party for C's 2-year-old twin friends.
C continued to have a great time. But mysteriously she became the most well-behaved darling of a child as she played, drew, ate and generally had fun with her equally pint-sized friends.
Maybe she felt more in her element. Maybe she had worn herself out at the game. Maybe she decided to give her parents a small but much-needed break. Or maybe it had something to do with her adorable twin birthday pals lighting up when she arrived, even offering their best Neil Diamond impersonations with their version of "Sweet Caroline."


Pokie said...


With all of these pictures you are posting you must have your camera with you all the time. Kinda like junior high!


Unknown said...

Hey Laura awesome blog! In fact it's the only one i have ever read. I hope you keep it up, Mark Twain said,"If you wish to inflict a heartless and malignant punishment upon a young person, pledge him to keep a journal a year." See you in the bloggosphere. Ben

Pacer Sharon said...

Hi Laura -- Thanks for confirming my hubby Dave's alibi.
Mrs. Dave


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