Monday, October 27, 2008

Flower Power

This weekend marked the first time C took a trip down the aisle -- yes, that one. It was almost as I'd always pictured it. But instead of C walking arm-in-arm with her father, tearing up as she approached the altar, she sat on his shoulders and ... well actually, there were tears.

Flower girl duty can be tough, and sometimes daddies have to step in and toss the petals themselves.

That's just what happened on Saturday, when friends Luke and Ginka got married at a gorgeous home in the hills of Sherman Oaks. As you can see here, the view was fantastic, with the mountains encircling the Valley commanding the background.

The couple had generously asked C to be their flower girl, and Ian and I were elated but not without trepidation. She's still under 2 and often like a wind-up toy when placed on pavement. This kid hits the ground running, and people at the wedding were placing bets as to when she'd run straight into the pool.

Luckily, we didn't need a lifeguard that night.

What was sweet was seeing C atop her daddy's shoulders, as in the picture to the right, getting a little bit of stage fright in front of so many people and clinging to him for dear life. Perhaps even sweeter was seeing Ian take over flower girl duties, tossing petals hither and yon, without batting an eye.

What daddies will do for their little girls ...

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful picture. Dad is with his cutest daughter. They also wear the nice dress. Dad is looking very good in her Suit and daughter is also looking nice in her dress as well.


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