Sunday, November 9, 2008

Growing pains

Yes, saying goodbye can be traumatic ... but why not have some fun before the actual parting?

Stephani heads out early tomorrow morning, and she wanted to log another quick farewell before the big day.

As you can see, C was having a great time, opening presents, playing with Stephani and commanding center stage as usual.

I had to take a step back while C and Stephani shared some time together, and it was a little discombobulating, knowing something that C couldn't quite grasp. She loves Stephani. Loves. Completely. But I'm also completely sure that she doesn't know that this goodbye is for awhile ... not just a weekend. It's difficult to know just what children perceive, but I'm hoping it doesn't hit her like a ton of bricks in a few days.

Actually, tomorrow is her first day of daycare. Ian and I have checked it out, and it looks really promising. About 14 kids and lots of toys.

It's also funny when you realize your child could be ready to move on to the next stage. This might be good timing, after all.

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