Sunday, January 4, 2009

Come back soon, Grandma!

This post is a shout-out to my mom, who was a tremendous help these last two weeks. Not only did she get a lot of bonding time in with C, she also saved Ian and I from nervous breakdowns while daycare was closed for the holidays.

We drove her to LAX this morning, and on the way back, of course, had to stop at Randy's. (No donuts for C, just a blueberry bagel.)

It's amazing how quickly children change, but C seems to be going through one of those "on the brink" moments when she's just about to hit the next stage: this time, talking. I remember the feeling just before she took her first steps. Of course she's been babbling and saying words here and there, but these two weeks marked an extra determination and a few new words:
  • What does a dog say? C: (with mouth puckered, sour-lemon-style) wooooof, ooooof, fooooof
  • What's your name? C (while pointing to herself): CC!
  • How old are you? Tooooooo!
  • She also learned how to blow bubbles (as you can see above) and blow out candles.

Big milestones. Glad you got to be there for them, Mom.

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