Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday outtakes

Yes, Grandma's visit was fun, but sometimes it's the awkward moments, the crying, the screaming -- especially when it's captured on film -- that you look back on with the most laughs.

So here are a few outtakes from the past couple of weeks. (I wish I had that evil magic pen that Perez Hilton uses to write comments on his Hollywood victims, er, subjects. Instead, you'll have to suffer through good, old-fashioned captions.)

Take the above photo. High-noon temper tantrum at the Autry museum. Forget the tranquil-looking waterfall in the background, it's the raging stream of tears that makes this moment special.

And I've never wanted Botox in my life ... until I saw the Royal Gorge of a crevasse between my eyes in this pic. You could seriously send burros down that thing like they do in the Grand Canyon. Is there a needle big enough, a face cream strong enough?

Vain? Maybe. But I'm reminded of something my friend from work Vanessa came up with at her Little Gray Pixel blog. Vanity = sanity.

I call this the spit-take. My mom was gargling in an effort to fend off any unwanted germs, and C wanted in on the action, too. You should've heard the noise that came out of my baby's mouth just before she spit God-knows-what into the sink.

New Year's Eve tantrum. Trying to smile through the pain. This was just before Ian and I went to the Dresden. What about my vodka martini, Mamma?!, I imagine her screaming, in bunny slippers, no less. ... God, I hope she never screams that.

And, finally: Don't even think about calling me Baby New Year!


Pat Saperstein said...

Yes, but you look so nice on your way to the Dresden, so hopefully it was worth it!

Little Gray Pixel said...

This post is so awesome. Like always, you have me laughing to the point of tears. :-)

Sara said...

I feel so honored that you wore that shirt on New Year's!!! And even when she's throwing a tantrum, C is so adorable it's ridiculous.


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