Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you my mother?

Here are a few people/objects -- yes, objects -- CC has confused me for in the last few weeks. In other words, she has pointed to these figures and said, "Mama." The pointing was always enthusiastic and curious -- and often while I was even holding her. Here's a list of CC's surrogate moms:
  • a tall, blonde woman (keep California dreamin', kid)
  • an Asian woman (granted, she did have the same dark hair and cut as me, but CC called her "Mama" while she was in my arms. Was my child just being straightforward with me in her request to trade up?)
  • the Little Red Hen on a picture book
  • a hippo (yeah, that boosted the old ego)
  • a statue of the Virgin Mary (sorry to disappoint you, CC)
  • and finally, a statue of the Buddha (Am I really ever that calm? Seriously.)
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