Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're gonna potty like it's 2009

Yes, this is what you think it is. (Although excuse the fuzzy picture taken by camera phone.)

This weekend, Ian and I summoned the courage to start potty-training C.

After scouring (no pun intended) Target for the right one, we finally decided on a 3-in-1 Toilet Training System from "The First Years". Granted, I've seen one of these contraptions millions of times, but once I got it home, it was like stage fright. I didn't know where to start, what to tell C. Luckily, a little book came with the baby potty. I immediately delved into it and noticed it took a laid-back approach:

-- "Let your child set the pace."
OK. Not in a real hurry, anyway.

--"Encourage your child to get used to the potty and suggest that he may enjoy sitting on it. Tell him it's okay to sit on the seat with his clothes on."
Actually that's what she did before taking the small (clean, unused) bowl and running around the apartment waving it and laughing. Much to her mother's dismay.

--"Let your child move the trainer to another room if he wants to, and sit on it while watching TV or playing."
TV?! On the potty? Isn't that setting, like, terrible Homer Simpson habits? And yes, it's still clean. Still unused. But got a little grossed out when she brought it into the bedroom and put it on her bed.

--"Children can also practice by placing a doll or stuffed animal on the potty or by sitting on the potty while holding a favorite toy friend."

Potty training for my 2-year-old: 0

Potty training for her toy friend: 1


Little Gray Pixel said...

Strange, those instructions don't sound like they actually address what the potty is FOR! Crazy!

Unknown said...

Actually, from the photo it looked to me like you were launching your own version of Bumbo, the laser-wielding, teleporting baby:


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