Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flip-flops mark rite of passage

Yesterday CC discovered the pair of flip-flops I had hidden away for her to wear this summer.

Old Navy had a sale last month, and in preparation for the warmer months, I thought these would be perfect. Flip-flops are practically the only shoe you see around town after spring finally settles in -- and you can't beat four bucks.

What was funny about yesterday was actually putting them on her little feet. CC's never worn flip-flops before, and the concept was a little confusing. It never occurred to me that I'd have to physically pry her big toe from the other tiny toes in my effort to get the things on her feet.

I pontificated, er, explained to her that the philosophy behind flip-flops involved a small piece of material, in this case pink, separating one toe from the others.

Yeah, she didn't care.

Instead she scrunched her toes together as tightly as she could while still, paradoxically, wanting to wear the shoes. It was a serious tug of war. And you don't want to pull on toes that tiny.

Finally, after minutes of back and forth and unballing her little digits, we finally got them on. And I got to witness the latest rite of passage for my California girl.

Let's hope she can hold out on surfing for a few more years.

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Pokie said...

That is awesome. Train her young!


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