Monday, April 27, 2009

Bouncy house bonanza in Hollywood

Spring Wing Ding has got to be one of my favorite phrases. I had never heard it until this weekend, but now I want to say it every day. It just seems to guarantee fun, no? (Why can't there be a Tax Day Wing Ding? Now that, I'm up for.)

This weekend, the fam and I attended our first Spring Wing Ding game day at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Once again, my friend Kirstin came through with another great idea.

I've driven by this beautiful church so many times. It's right off the Gower exit of the 101. But I had no idea just how sprawling it is. When we walked in, we immediately found ourselves amid a fervent drum circle. And despite many turns around many corners, the place just seemed to keep going. As promised, the Wing Ding day offered several bouncy houses (which CC goes absolutely nuts for), games like a lollipop toss and even a friendly magician showing off his tricks.

And the food. Who doesn't love a bake sale where chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting sell for 50 cents each? And cookies for 25 cents? You see where I'm going with this. I totally gorged. In fact, every time I ran into Kirstin and her fam, I seemed to be stuffing my face with yet another baked good.

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, but it wasn't scorching. A perfect afternoon for running barefoot in the grass (but not in the Lego room, of course).

I know the Spring Wing Ding only happens once a year (maybe because the rhyming just works out too well with that particular season), but we'd be totally up for a Winter Wing Ding or even a Fall or Summer Wing Ding.

Heck, even a Wednesday Wing Ding would be great.

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