Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Come back to Griffith Observatory, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

This weekend also marked a trip up to Griffith Observatory. Haven't been there since the chain-link fence came down and the renovation was complete. Yes, it's been more than two years since it reopened. We're slow.

After making our way up the winding road from where we parked (didn't take the shuttle), we finally arrived on the grassy grounds in front of the observatory itself. We had to wake CC from her nap, so she wasn't her usual Tasmanian devil self -- more like its distant cousin, the laid-back Angeleno devil.

It was nice to just walk around, in and outside of the renovated building. The views are amazing, and the exhibits are interactive and informative. You can see a solar eclipse, a tiny Earth spinning around the sun to show how seasons change, and, of course, there are the stars.

We didn't try the planetarium. That's a risky bet with a squirmy 2-year-old. But maybe next year.

Our favorite part of the trip was probably the door leading into the observatory. Is this some sort of physicist joke a la Stephen Hawking -- or just your typical mixed message?

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