Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's not you, it's me

CC found a picture of herself the other day from when she was smaller and shrieked "Baby!"

"That's you, Sweetheart," I said.

She held up the above pic, pointed to her younger self and said, "You!"

"No, it's you. ... I mean me. Say 'Me. It's me,' " I said, finding myself suddenly caught in an Abbott and Costello routine.

At that moment, I realized we had a pronoun emergency on our hands. It's funny. Every time we refer to CC, we always say "You," not "Me" -- for obvious reasons. And therefore, she thought she was you. Or me was you. Well, not you you. Oh, the confusion and grammar crisis. *Sigh*

Hmm, what to do?

Taking CC's little index finger, I then pointed first to her and then to her baby picture while saying, "It's me. It's Me."

After a few moments, she picked up the photo, smiled and said, "Hi, baby me."


Pokie said...

Just wait until SHE is asking YOU for another baby! :)

L.A. Story said...



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