Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Money woes put kibosh on L.A. kid zones

Unbeige has an update on the closure of the Children's Museum of Los Angeles -- before it even reopened. The site links to the L.A. Daily News' postmortem.

The Children's Museum, which used to be located in downtown L.A., closed its doors in 2000 in an effort to find bigger digs. Museum honchos then decided to expand with two new facilities -- one in the Hansen Dam Recreation Area in the San Fernando Valley's Lake View Terrace, and the other in Little Tokyo. But it looks like an important $10 million donation has fallen through, leading the museum to file for bankruptcy.

In other sad kids' news, I just saw a big "For Lease" sign in the window of Spa Di Da, the kids' salon on Beverly Boulevard. Checking their web site, it notes that they closed their doors on April 5. But creator April Weiss has directed former and would-be clients to Sprinkles and Confetti, which organizes children's events.

I hate reading news like this and seeing potentially fun places to take CC now out of the picture. OK, a kids' spa did seem a little exorbitant for these tough economic times. But who wouldn't love to see cucumbers on their child's eyes just for a second -- about as long as it would take for her to peel them off and put them in her mouth, that is.


Pat Saperstein said...

That's too bad, my kids used to love the one in Little Tokyo before it closed. Thank goodness Kidspace in Pasadena did such a nice job. They also went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana once.

L.A. Story said...

I know, it's really too bad. Sounds like they had big plans. CC and I still need to check out Kidspace. Hopefully soon.


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