Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Debi Derryberry's "Baby Banana" Giveaway!

Always on the lookout for fun and charming CDs for CC, I was happy to receive a copy of Debi Derryberry's "Baby Banana."

You might know Debi best as the voice of Nickelodeon's "Jimmy Neutron," but she's also a creative and talented singer/songwriter.

Her latest musical effort is a tropically themed CD that's best described as Jimmy Buffett for the Gymboree set. Instead of Margaritaville, though, kids can get a taste of "Tropical Fruit," a calypso/reggae-style song about the virtues of pomegranates, papayas and prickly pears.

"Baby Banana," which was inspired by a bedtime story Debi created for her son about a particularly unique family of Baby Banana, Momma Duck and Daddy Gorilla, is a mix of new songs and earlier favorites.

When I played it for CC, I found myself actually bopping my head to some of the beats -- something I'm sure will embarrass my daughter eventually. But more importantly, she got into it, too.

She kicked off her famous CC dance, which consists of her moving her whole body from side to side. OK, so it's not Fosse, but she's got time.

What's even better is that the songs encourage interaction and acting out the words. In the tune "I Wish You Could Fly With Me," CC got to spread her arms and pretend she was airborne. She also can count along to "Scoops of Ice Cream" and practice her colors with "I'm a Chameleon" -- not to be mistaken for Boy George's "Karma Chameleon."

And Debi's adorable voice only adds to the kiddie fun. This one's a keeper.


Now, here's the best part. I'd like to offer one of my readers a new "Baby Banana" CD, which also includes Debi reading from her storybook "Baby Banana and the Licorice Tree."

Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite children's song, and I'll pick a winner (at random) to be announced Monday, May 11. Feel free to spread the word on your blog, on Twitter or just by shouting through the streets. The last one, though, might get you arrested. Just sayin'.

Good luck and bring on the kids' songs!


Pokie said...

Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins. Hands down favorite. Check it out!!!

Emily said...

Old McDonald had a farm! We love acting like animals in this house!

maggie said...

My 17 month old daughter is obsessed with Itsy Bitsy Spider! And her dad and I love what a kick she gets out of it!


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