Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby's first haircut

OK, so maybe I've been avoiding the inevitable. I've been a little nervous, especially after our bad bangs experience.

Although I knew CC needed her little blondilocks (as my dad calls them) trimmed, I've felt a strange emotional attachment to them and was afraid of a new kind of postpartum depression.

After all, her blond curls have fascinated this lifelong brunette ever since her hair started coming in lighter than expected.

But when Ian's mom was in town last week, she pointed out the obvious: This toddler's hair needs a trim.

After I reluctantly agreed to overcome my denial, we headed over to Supercuts in West Hollywood.

CC was a little nervous herself at first, but our stylist was patient and attentive. Having games, lollipops and clips to distract her didn't hurt, either.

In the end, my little blondilocked toddler turned into a sleek looking little girl. The bob may have booted the curls, but she looks great. And, hey, the ringlets might be back. In the meantime, we have an adorable certificate from Supercuts that notes the date and even holds a lock of CC's hair for posterity.

As a treat, after our haircut mission, we headed over to Los Feliz, where we had dinner at our old haunt Fred 62 and stepped into Skylight Books. Ian, his mom and CC booked it to the children's section for story time.

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Anonymous said...

"Blonde" is spelled with an 'e' when referring to females.


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