Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tart makes for a sweet reunion

Ian's mom arrived Tuesday night from Switzerland, and we decided to meet at Tart on Fairfax for a late dinner.

We were all exhausted (lots of plane travel this week) but rose to the exciting occasion by taking in the restaurant's relaxed, candlelit atmosphere. The waitstaff at Tart was so accommodating, from helping us out with a couple of spills to letting us switch tables to the one we sat at last time Nattie -- as CC calls my mother-in-law, Natalie -- was here.

Cheers to Tart and to the decorative flowers that make CC look like a little Hawaiian princess.

Unfortunately, Nattie wasn't crazy about the pic, although she looked amazing -- especially after having been on a plane all day. So she will remain visually elusive for the time being. A shame, really.

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