Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two of the most amazing things ...

... happened today.

First was at breakfast. We were having cereal, and I was talking to CC, when she pointed to a spot above my lip and said, "Ouchie."

Actually, it was a zit but I appreciated the sympathy.

I touched it and nodded. "Yes," I said. "An ouchie."

"Kiss," she replied, puckering her mouth slightly.

I leaned in, and she pulled my face toward hers before planting a sweet one on the little red bump just under my nose.

I almost cried. I've been kissing her ouchies for so long, I guess she discovered she could get in on the healing, too. OK, now I'm crying just thinking about it. Seriously.

Then, on our way to the Grove today she was in the backseat burbling to her toys, blanket and books.

I'd hear the occasional "Cow!" or "Moo!" But then I heard her first real sentence -- like, subject, verb and object.

"I read the book!" CC exclaimed in the present tense. "I read the book!"

Wow, talking and literacy all in one. I was truly amazed. All that even after our "ouchie" love-in.

The photo above has nothing really to do with either of these moments, but I took it today at Barnes & Noble. I just want to be able to look back and see what my daughter looked like on this day. You know, 30 years from now when I barely remember my own name.


Maggie said...

Isn't that stuff the best! My little one just started stringing words together, "More Milk!" "Daddy work?" "Mama coming?" Most incredibly she now says "I love mama!" and "I love Dada!" I just think it's amazing! After so many months of no words, vowel sounds, repeated single syllables, half words, then a few full words, it just make you think your baby is a genius!

L.A. Story said...

It really is the best! That must be so amazing to hear "I love Mama" and "I love Dada"! And, yeah, I'm totally signing CC up for Mensa. ;)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Aw, this tugs at my heartstrings.


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