Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tykes jam with Jambo at the Grove

Thursday at the Grove and no shopping?! Mama and baby recessionistas, say what?

Yep, we hit the outdoor fountain-friendly mall today for its weekly (and free!) Kids Club extravaganza.

Due to the questionable weather -- seriously, what is up with all of this gray matter, and not the smarty-pants kind? -- the normally alfresco event was re-routed to the third floor of Barnes & Noble. And, boy, was it crowded.

Kids band Jambo performed, complete with kazoos, guitars, keyboards and an electric bass (at least I think that's what that was), and CC danced a little, sat a little and played with some stuffed Dora the Explorer toys that were too tempting not to touch.

The Kids Club program at the Grove and the Americana at Brand in Glendale offers kid-friendly entertainment, including music, dance and other activities. Membership includes a free T-shirt, treats on your child's birthday and invitations to special events.

CC is now an official member, complete with darling yellow T. She'll have to wear that next time. (You can spot her in the above pic wearing a red T among the sea of children.)

In related news, the Grove also offers Monday Morning Mommy (and Daddy) Movies at 11 a.m. Next up is the appropriate "The Hangover" on June 15.

Hey, it's no "Drag Me to Hell," but still.

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