Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CC gets a little too jiggy with it at L.A. Zoo

CC and Paddy's Pig at the L.A. Zoo from LA Story on Vimeo.

CC danced her version of an Irish jig before hitting the Polynesian party at the Los Angeles Zoo's World Music Night on Tuesday.

I'm so happy I got video of her dancing. You can't beat a hip-shaking toddler with no fear of YouTube.

What I didn't catch on video -- but which is burned into my memory forever like a bad prom dress -- is my child dropping trou during a performance from Paddy's Pig. Yeah, that was embarrassing. And I thought her having a full-on, screaming, lying-on-the-floor tantrum at Target was bad. (OK, that was bad, too. But at least she kept her clothes on for that one.)

If anyone reading this was there, yes, that was me rushing down the aisle to pull up my child's pants and rush her out of the crowded scene faster than you can say Paddy or pig.

Fortunately or unfortunately -- I haven't decided yet -- I didn't capture the de-pantsing for posterity. I'm convinced I would've won some sort of America's Funniest Home Videos award, if that show is even still on.

In the meantime, I'm sure Music in the Zoo will never be the same. I know I won't be.

After we had some dinner at one of the internationally themed food stations around the zoo, we joined a fellow mom (Hi Janice from's Studio City mom's group!) and her 20-month-old daughter for some Polynesian dancing, courtesy of Island Inspirations.

Not only did we get music made famous by the likes of Don Ho ("Tiny Bubbles") and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, aka Iz ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow"), the lovely ladies even invited the kiddies -- or Keiki, as they're called in Hawaii -- to show off their own moves.

CC bolted for the little wooden gate that had since been separating her from hula greatness.

But come to think of it, as I'm watching the below video for a second time, I think I see my child about to go trou-dropping again. The first time I watched this, I wasn't really paying attention to what the lead dancer was saying as she taught zoo visitors how to shake their groove thang.

What she's saying is, "Take it (or shake it) all the way down!"

Have a look at what that means to my daughter. I can only hope she resisted in the end to spare her mom a second humiliation.

CC dances Tahitian style at L.A. Zoo from LA Story on Vimeo.

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