Saturday, July 25, 2009

LA Moms Blog: Love 3-D. The glasses -- not so much

Check out my latest Los Angeles Moms Blog post: Love 3-D. The glasses -- not so much.

As you might have read on this blog here and here, I love the idea of taking CC to 3-D movies. The problem is, she won't wear those pesky glasses.

So what to do? Maybe you'll have some ideas.


Adri said...

I have a solution! For my god-sister who is 2 we just happened to luck out when we took her to see Ice Age in 3D. Not thinking about the size of the glasses, she couldn't keep them on her face even if she wanted to, but her hair was in pigtails with old school hair bobbles (the elastics with the round plastic ends) so I took 2 extra elastics I always keep on my wrist for my own hair, wrapped each one around each arm of the glasses and looped it to her hair do-dads. Presto. Glasses adhered= she couldn't really pull them off, just push them on her forehead. So along with our convincing that the glasses were magic she was able to watch the movie correctly.

L.A. Story said...

Great idea! We'll have to try that, and I'll pass along your tip. Thanks!


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