Friday, July 3, 2009

Langer's made me a convert

I always used to think of hot pastrami as liquid meat. You know, something red and tangy that you'd pour onto a potent slice of rye bread.

In other words, I'd never had it.

So when my friend Mike from Franklin Avenue invited me to join his fam and Variety pal Justin for lunch at Langer's, I was intrigued but nervous. My taste buds, although adventurous, are known to have a mind of their own.

So yesterday, I brought CC along for the ride and had my first hot pastrami with cheese on rye at the deli nestled on Alvarado Street just south of the infamous MacArthur Park.

I have to say: It was amazing. I'm talking Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" deli scene amazing. That's what the pastrami sandwich on perfectly crisp rye bread brought out in me. And I might have reacted in the same orgasmic fashion had I not had an over-hyped toddler on my hands who rivaled Curious George in the mischief department.

Admittedly, I had to wake her from her nap so we could head out on our pastrami adventure, and she's always hyperactive if she doesn't get all of her zzz's, but this was insane.

CC kept leaping on Mike's patient -- and very pregnant -- wife as well as on his adorable son, aka "Blogger Preschooler." She even tried to literally climb the walls -- the trellis-like wooden dividers behind our back corner booth -- before I tugged on her hips and pried her little toddler hands from the furniture.

Justin was game, as always, having experienced CC excitement before. And Mike and his family were completely gracious, although Blogger Preschooler looked eager to make a run for it.

And after we stuffed ourselves, I brought CC home, and she collapsed on the bed, perfectly willing to resume the sweet slumber I'd selfishly interrupted.

I, on the other hand, was ready for a cocktail.

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