Friday, August 21, 2009

How to conquer that nighttime fear

Earlier this week I posted here and on L.A. Moms Blog about CC's new fear of the dark.

Given her usually fearless personality, this recent anxiety has thrown Ian and I for a bit of a loop. Above all, we want to make her feel safe, and luckily some fellow moms have offered a few helpful tips:

Kimberley Clayton Blaine from -- who's also an L.A. Moms Blog contributor -- posted the above video about childhood fears, including that pesky one that only shows up at night. It was nice hearing that this phase is right on target for development. She advocates support and empowerment when dealing with these fears. And, she says, parents shouldn't make their child feel silly because of them.

And speaking of empowerment, Vanessa over at Chefdruck Musings -- who contributes to New Jersey Moms Blog -- suggested this rechargeable ladybug flashlight from Sylvania. When it sits in its stand, the flashlight also acts as a nightlight.

What a great way for a child to feel she's in control -- especially since nighttime isn't going away anytime soon.

Thanks again, fellow moms!

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