Thursday, August 20, 2009

Underwear + head = hijinks

This post might be completely inappropriate, but sometimes you have to take risks as a blogger -- even as a mom blogger.

And believe me, there are lots of moms out there who reveal a *lot* more than I do to the world. Hello, Motherhood Uncensored! Big love to you!

This is the video I alluded to in an earlier post about our trip to Las Vegas. CC found a shopping bag full of brand-new underwear and decided to don a pair on her head.

Gives new meaning to the whole Mad Hatter idea for sure.


Little Gray Pixel said...

Haha. She's gonna loooove this video in a few years. ;0)

L.A. Story said...

Ha! I'm sure ... especially if Ian rolls it out for her friends! :)


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