Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CC makes Los Angeles play date with KaBoom!

When KaBoom!, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to building playgrounds for kids and providing grants to enrich community areas, announces an official play day in L.A., we're there.

And CC definitely got her playground groove on.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization kicked off its National Week of Play Sept. 19-27, and Trinity Unlimited Child Care Center in Compton hosted an event, which included: DJs leading games of Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says and Musical Chairs; arts and crafts for the kiddies; free play on its spacious and well-equipped playground; and a fund-raising bake sale complete with hot dogs and cupcakes.

And the biggest project of the day: a playful mural that stretched the entire length of the play area painted by parents and friends.

A KaBoom! representative named Maria was on hand to lead the event. She chatted with parents, helped paint the mural and engaged the kids in fun games.

Maria told me that Trinity Unlimited was one of several organizations receiving a grant and that the mural was part of that effort. Turns out more than 1,000 places all over the world (even Antarctica!) were hosting days of play.

While she was talking with the kiddos, Maria said she had the best job in the world: building playgrounds.

"We build about 200 playgrounds a year," she said.

What CC enjoyed most was the free play. (And pouring water into various approved containers.) There was a plastic train and hippo for her to climb on, slides, see-saws and enough room to run laps if she wanted.

Besides watching CC play with the other kids, I also enjoyed talking to the owner of Trinity Unlimited, Mary Nelson.

She was a gracious hostess and said the child-care center is family-owned and has been at its current location for the past nine years. Before that, they ran the business out of her home.

As CC and I explore Los Angeles and the greater area, it's nice to discover places around the city that encourage kids to thrive. At Trinity Unlimited, I could see the enormous care on display, and it was heartening.

Good luck with your mural and thanks again, Mary, for inviting us back anytime!

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